4 Countries Modified Car Culture

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When it comes to modified car culture, many people will be confused. China has no modified car culture. Because, an SUV with a large size, a high configuration, and a bright brand is enough for consumers. China lacks rich vehicle models and colorful car experiences and exists many traditional cars that are not charming. Compared with Chinese consumers, car consumers in the United States, Japan, and Europe are very likely to modify their love cars. They have a lot of personalized needs, and enjoy life, such as self-driving tour, modified car by himself, etc. However, the essence of all this is the modified car culture, just like women have painted their makeup, they are no longer the same, they are no longer cold machines, they are full of charm.

modified race car

Modified cars are pop culture.

As the top consumer industrial product, the automobile has always represented the trend of all times. From travel to outdoor, to home design, clothing design, music, and movies all have a profound effect. However, it is the modified car that can lead the trend and make all this full of tension.

The following Hella Flush style modified cars are works from Europe. The insects of the Middle Ages carried the same retro suitcase and lie on the ground gently. Isn’t this the most popular postmodern art style nowadays?

Many people criticize that Chinese brand cars are unfashionable and not cool, and few good original designs are mostly from foreigners. The core problem is that China’s modified cars are underdeveloped, and the ability of the folk is limited. Where can excellent car designers find inspiration?

Modified cars are craftsman culture.

Anyone familiar with a modified car who knows RWB (Rough World Concept), an exaggerated wide body, a rear wing with a superb sense of battle, and an abnormal height. This is a car modified style that takes a medieval car model such as the Porsche 993 to a new height in the 21st century. What’s more, the founder of RWB is a legendary figure, Nakai Kai. Whenever he holds a wire saw with his bare hands and cuts Porsche 993, everyone present will hold his breath because this is an extremely classic 993. However, he always works quietly and skillfully, his manual cutting is accurate, and the adjustment of the body posture is also perfect. Even with such an abnormal wide-body and height, the tire will never touch the wheel eyebrow in the process of driving.

modified car-RWB

Besides, Nakai kai created each RWB with his own hands. After receiving the deposit, he will deliver himself and accessories to your beloved 993. This meticulous and tenacious craftsmanship spirit is an example for every modified car practitioner. In foreign countries, craftsmen like him are everywhere, scattered in the folk. What do you want to modify a good car? Advanced machinery and equipment are indispensable, but the essence is always man, the craftsmanship spirit behind man.

Modified cars are social culture.

In 2016, I drove around half of China by car. I met many old friends in the cities I visited, and some of my friends were online acquaintances, but the first time I met was very kind. Everyone talked about everything. I have the same feeling when talking about modified cars with foreign friends. Whatever chatting on Facebook or a modified car owner who meets abroad, I would be very happy. The modified cars turn people you’ve never met into old friends you’ve known for a long time.


Different car cultures root from different countries’ modified car styles

The original intention of the invention of the automobile was to improve people’s trip mode, but with the development of social and economic, the automobile had more added value and gradually formed a culture. In a mature and developed automobile region, personalized vehicle modification has become a huge secondary market for the automotive industry. Replace or add accessories to the original model or change the appearance, or make reasonable improvements at the mechanical level to improve power and handling performance. Once the demand for modified cars is increasing constantly, from various parts and components to refitted stores and personnel, equipment and technical training, to display and competition after refitting, which formed a complete industrial chain. In China, although there are many modified car enthusiasts, due to policy constraints, car modification has not formed a legitimate industry. However, the more we are in this environment, the more necessary it is to broaden our vision. 

The various parts and components are the basic section of car modification. Now, I want to recommend a little famous shop, Motorgogogo, whose major product is various modified components, like the front grille, fender, wheel protector, splitter, etc. Its major brand is Jeep, Chevrolet, Ford and Dodge.


Everyone knows that the birthplace of cars in Europe and the United States, but in the culture of modified cars, Japan has a sense of becoming a leader. However, European and American countries have a huge influence on the Japanese modified car style. As we all know, Japan is a powerful automobile country, and its automobile production and manufacturing capabilities are strong. At the same time, it is also a major automobile consumer. Japanese cars have reached a very high level of technology, reliability, and practicality, and there are also many modified car brands, especially their modified car factories, which have good strengths in terms of technical strength and capital accumulation. For example, FABULOUS car factory is from Japan, and it is one of the few professional modification factories to change the appearance kit. Let us look at the different styles of Japanese modified cars.

Coastal style

modified car-coastal style

The coastal style originated from the Japanese gangsters, which is the culture of Japan’s “speeding party”. Most of them are some unruly young people who pursue speed and personality. The characteristic of these cars is to modify the exhaust pipe, the purpose is to emit exciting exhaust sound waves. Based on this, the modified vehicles of the Wanan style have become much more low-key. The player group pays more attention to the improvement of the performance of the modified car and the substantial improvement of the handling, followed by the improvement of the power performance.

VIP style

modified car-VIP

VIP is the abbreviation of Very Important Person in English (which means “very important person”). However, all the nouns with the word VIP all show the meaning of advanced and noble. Everyone knows that Japan is the only country in the world that recognizes the legality of the underworld. Underworld is also the group that did the earliest VIP modification in Japan. They are used to changing the appearance of vehicles to a more noble and luxurious feeling. Today, many car players are keen on the VIP appearance of luxury appearance.

The modification method of VIP is generally to lower the body as much as possible (so-called low cover ugly) ,and make a combination with high-brightness large-size wheels for revealing the overall momentum of the vehicle. The Japanese-style modified VIP style is different from other countries in that most of them prefer large-scale luxury sedans; while the American series is different, from sedans, sports cars, LSUV cars to classic cars, etc., may become the target vehicle for American-style modification. For interior design, Japanese methods usually use items that can create a luxurious atmosphere in the car to enhance luxury, such as rhinestones and suede are the most commonly materials for highlighting the honorable taste; and the American department will most likely complete the entire center console. Make a facelift.

HellaFlush style

modified car-Hella flush style

The inspiration of HellaFlush style comes from drift racing. A racing car suitable for drifting in a curve needs to control the center of gravity of the vehicle, so the height of the car body is generally low, and the suspension spring and suspension hardness are very high. HellaFlush has now become the appearance trend of an internationally modified car. Hella is the abbreviation of Hellof literally, which means special, very, absolute, super. Flush means that the extension of the wheel or tire is flush with the extension of the wheel eyebrow. After that, the wheel tire and the car body naturally become a whole. Except for meeting “flush”, the body must be low, as far as possible so that there is no gap between the wheel eyebrow and the edge of the tire hub. Only two conditions, “Flush” and “Absolutely Low”, can be called HellaFlush.

Very low Offset and very wide wheels, the smallest possible distance between the wheel eyebrows and the wheels. The essence of HellaFlush is the adjustment of the pneumatic suspension and the inclination of the hub. From the front, the left and right wheels show an “eight” shape, which is very cool.


modified car-JDM

The Hollywood movie “Speed and Passion” affected a group of car fans, and the “Sports Compact” modification form introduced in it was the later popular JDM modification style. The so-called “JDM” is “Japanese Domestic Made”, which means a Japanese modified car in the United States. The characteristics of JDM are very distinctive. It is based on the Japanese sports car sold in the North American market. However, it does not strictly follow the modification method in Japan, but uses the US-specific NOS and NX supercharging technology very directly on the engine. Also, JDM modification also pays attention to the attention of car audio and appearance. JDM is a product of the two modification cultures of the United States and Japan.

The United States

When it comes to modified cars, it is hard not to mention the United States, which is paradise of modified cars. As long as the history of the American auto industry, the history of modified cars is as long as the average conversion rate is about 80%. Although the initial modification of the car was to better participate in the competition, it is now entirely to add personality to its car. Let’s take a look at the famous styles in the history of American modified cars.

Hip-hop style (DUB)

modified car-DUB

Hip-Hop style English abbreviation DUB is short for Doubledime, which means 20-inch wheels. This modification style has a influence on the American hip-hop culture constantly. Speaking of hip-hop style, it is inevitable to talk about racial discrimination in the United States. In the last century, as the status of African Americans increased with economic growth, the problem of racial discrimination that had been suppressed for a long time was released, thus exhibiting an exaggerated and even perverted social form. From clothing to songs to entertainment, the car modification industry is no exception. Cars with oversized wheels and subwoofer modifications followed. Body graffiti and gang reliefs also emerged. It was only in the United States that this rugged beauty could be promoted and spread. This type of modified car is DUB. Unlike the VIP style, the hip-hop style modification does not pursue a low-lying body posture, but an exaggerated visual effect.

Street style

modified car-street style

The street style originates from the European and American countries, but the growth and development is in the underground drag racing party in Japan. The street car is based on the original car’s excellent power and sharp and dynamic body appearance. It is essential for modifing car with professional racing marks to greatly improve vehicle handling, redeploy power, and an efficient braking system. Install a roll cage, add nitrogen propellant, body aerodynamic kit and other violent ways to modify. Known for its arrogant appearance and high horsepower, compared with professional racing cars, the safety factor is relatively low, which is a style that you can do as you like. At present, most domestic drivers are pursue the street style.

Rally style

modified car-rally style

The style of rally car is famous for its exaggerated and handsome composition of the whole vehicle, its wide and thick tail fin and lightweight wheel hub. It has a high turning rate. The crowd is mostly rally fans.

Hot Rod

modified car-HotRod

“Hot Rod” originated in the southern California of the United States in the late 1930s. It means a modified car that runs very fast. Based on the classic cars of the United States in the 1920s and 1930s, by removing the bumper, machine cover Fenders, etc., maximize the weight reduction of the car body, and replace the high-horsepower engine, as well as the wide rims and tires, can make the vehicle produce a terrible linear acceleration. After World War II, Hot Rod began to rise gradually. Because many runways were abandoned, people could use these long runways for Hot Rod straight acceleration. Today, Hot Rod has formed a culture and has moved from the United States to the world.


modified car-Lowrider

Lowrider means a jump on the ground, originally by some Mexicans living in Los Angeles to transform their affordable old cars, by sawing short suspension springs to reduce the center of gravity of the body, advocating “low and slow” The idea of using a car was later banned by US law. It wasn’t until 1959 that a person named Ron invented a hydraulic control suspension system that could change the height of the car body, so that this type of modification was revived. In the 1990s, Lowrider has become a very mature modification trend, mainly on the West Coast of the United States. People who love hip-hop music have begun to change vehicles to Lowrider style. The choice of vehicles is mainly based on the classic cars of the 1960s. By replacing the electric drive suspension system, the vehicle can jump up.


modified car-bigfoot

As the name implies, “Bigfoot” is a car with huge wheels. The earliest “Bigfoot” was a model named Bob Chandler who used the Ford F250 as a prototype in 1975 to participate in a pickup off-road race. In 1979, he officially named this car “Bigfoot” The real thing about the bike was a 1981 film based on the song “Take This Job and Shove It”. Nowadays, there are many types of “Bigfoot” competitions in the United States. The most popular ones are in designated venues. It depends on who can crush multiple scrapped cars in the shortest time. Cross-country races, sand drag races, mountain climbing races, etc.

Europe: GT style 

modified car-GTstyle

The GT style originated from the European and American racing culture. It is famous for its ultra-wide tires, the murderous wide-body spoiler kit, and the exaggerated large tail. It is generally based on straight-line acceleration races, pay more attention to “inner beauty”, and have a more scientific aerodynamic design in appearance. The performance is very outstanding, and strive to bring the driver an extraordinary driving experience.The biggest characteristic is in undertake after altering greatly namely, still can maintain the style of similar of original load car and integral style, have dress up as a pig to eat the feeling of tiger thereby.


Although the domestic automobile industry is developing rapidly. Due to various reasons, the development of the modified car culture is hindered by numerous obstacles. Most of the domestic modified car styles have many similarities with Japan. There are streetcar styles, VIP styles, and many performance-oriented players.

Street car style

modified car-china street style

Everyone knows the performance cars of Mitsubishi and Subaru, but the price is indeed not acceptable to most players. The following car has nice pirce, like the Civic King of the Forerunner, the Mazda 6, the Fit, etc. In China, the average player will pay attention to appearance changes. Because the internal inspection of the major changes is difficult to pass. Lightweight wheels lower the body’s twisted short springs, and some players also install air suspension. The shape of the upper body and the small tail, the front and rear bars are equipped with a front shovel, and the design of small exhaust sound waves. After completing these movements, driving on the road is already very popular.

Urban and rural auto parts city style

modified car-chinastyle

Most of them come from young groups who have no cultural background and knowledge of modification. There is nothing wrong with preaching personality, but there is no routine and style at all.

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